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My Neighborheart volunteers are the most important members of the organization. Without them, the good works and deeds would not get accomplished. Here's what we look for in a volunteer:

  • Reliability. When we commit to help the vulnerable members of our community, it's important we honor that commitment.

  • Flexibility. Because of the nature of our mission, we often perform short-term or even one-time tasks.  Volunteers may spend hours or merely minutes helping a neighbor in need.  It depends on what the task or errand is.  This means that volunteers can contribute and not necessarily have to commit large chunks of their valuable free time.  

  • Compassion. It is critical that the people we serve feel comfortable and trusting of those who represent our organization. 


Because of how important and valued they are, we will make a great effort to ensure we have the best members of our community counted among our volunteers. To ensure this, we require a series of background checks be conducted on all volunteers, for the safety and security of our clients, our volunteers and our community. These include the BEAS State Registry form, a State of NH Criminal Background check and a State of NH Release of Motor Vehicle records check. You must complete these checks in order to be considered for a volunteer position.


To get started, please click the button below to complete the Volunteer Application. Once you've submitted your application, someone from our organization will be in touch with you. Thank you for your interest in making an impact! 

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