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My Neighborheart is a volunteer group of Lakes Region community members who support our neighbors in need by offering services that may be difficult for them to perform on their own. While our members feel fortunate to live in an area full of wonderful volunteer-based organizations, our hope is that the services we offer can fill voids that exist in available services.

An example of this is pet care, as there are many older or vulnerable members of our community who are unable to provide adequate care for their pets. Our mission is to help them overcome these barriers. Other examples of service needs we’ve recognized are moving trash or recycling containers, picking up medications and more.

Services offered by My Neighborheart are intended to be short-term (possibly even a one-time occurrence) and consist of focused projects or chores, such as moving a heavy piece of furniture or installing storm windows for the winter. Additionally, to ensure that we are focusing on our neighbors most in need, we operate as a referral-based service. This means that we work with our community’s larger support services and organizations  (police/fire services, hospitals, senior centers, etc.) to identify clients.

We hope that you'll join us in our mission to support the senior members of our community.


Still have a question? Visit our FAQ page.

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